Our Industry

Sustainable development, perseverance and day-to-day work are our fundamental pillars and in our merit we project our growth.

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Investigation and development

An adequate budgetary forecast in Research and Development allows us to continue improving the quality of our products day by day, through a permanent task of innovation and training of personnel, according to national and international standards.

Our exclusive formula of production, with its due protection of industrial property, allows us to be leaders in the market regarding the DURABILITY of our products, ensuring the maintenance of them in optimum condition from its preparation, transportation, permanence in gondola and up to the consumption and / or final storage.


Bromatological and Sanitary Control

Without prejudice of the sanitary controls carried out by the pertinent organisms of the state, our company has a technical control department for the correct development of our products where the raw material used for the elaboration of the same is analyzed. Chemical and bacteriological analyzes are carried out through permanent sampling. The same in the durability of the finished products.

Our team

Logistics and Transportation

Tapamar has its own transport, enabled, which complies with all the ordinances. To fulfill an optimal delivery we offer two different ways of delivery:

  • The wooden pallet with cardboard boxes. It is a non-returnable option:

Pallet measurement: 1.20 x 1. Weight: 20 kg

Measure Box: 315 x 315 x 315

  • The galvanized pallet, which offers in the event of breakage its easy repair, stainless and of low weight. With custom made baskets for our products, recessed, that allow them to be reusable and easy to clean:

    Pallet measurement: 1 x 1. Weight: 14.5 kg

    Measure Basket: L: 33 cm, W: 33 cm, Height 20 cm



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