Our History

The reward of our well-made product is the opportunity to make more well-made products. “

Our company TAPAMAR S.A. was born thirty years ago, as a family business dedicated to the production of laminated pasta for the supply of the domestic market, trying to improve what other prestigious companies in the sector were doing at that time.

After growing steadily for eleven years it was decided to form TAPAMAR S.A., in order to give the family company the flight

necessary to be able to compete in better strategic conditions with products similar to ours, but that could not match our quality.


A professionalized administration and management located in the strategic decision-making place established in Puerto Madero, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, ensures today an efficient administration of resources, quality and efficiency in the directorial decisions in effective time, precise information, management control, advice pemanente and a competitive positioning of the company within the national and international market.

  • Efficiency
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Atention

Characteristics – Location

Taking into account the global repercussion in international events and the proximity to the production areas of fine quality flours, our production is located in the City of Mar del Plata, with an efficient distribution and logistics system.

In these localities wheat, soybean and corn plantations find the optimal ecosystem to develop their full potential.

Also for the breeding of cattle, milk producers have an incalculable value worldwide for the reserve and the quality of them.

These forms of soil characteristics and exuberant climate, the deep and cold waters with low sodium content, as well as the natural mineral water, ensure the production standard according to the quality commitment required by flours and margarines, a distinctive characteristic of our products.

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