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About Us

Our company TAPAMAR S.A. was born as a family business dedicated to the production of laminated pastes to supply the domestic market, trying to improve what other prestigious companies in the sector were doing at that time.

First Line Ingredients

We are exclusively dedicated to working with premium ingredients



Types of dough

We can find different varieties in terms of the filling and the type of cooking, always depending on the place and the tastes of each person. That’s why Tapamar has three varieties of doughPuff Pastry for Oven, Fry, Creole (Oven – Fry)

Any of these three options are suitable for the filling that we want to put and the way we want to cook it: oven, clay oven, fries.

Our discs support cooking in a clay oven, which should be noted, due to the fact that they are cooked at high temperatures

Good use of the disk

To have an optimal result with respect to the mass and the finished product, we recommend that the lids are at room temperature when they are filled. Since if they are freeze and before using it we put them in the microwave, the dough is cooked, it does not thaw it. And in the case that they are in the refrigerator and we try to use them in that state the mass would suffer cracks, and it is difficult when carrying out the repulse. That’s why we recommend that you take it out about an hour before and let it rest outside the refrigerator.


Our Clients

Tapamar seeks to reach all households by offering a product that maintains the traditional taste of a homemade pie, but which in turn is in constant search to improve each ingredient.

“Very good quality”

Luis Fernando, Merchant

First line products

Mariela Alvarez, Chef

Always maintaining a high level of quality

Luis Fouco, Merchant

Excellent customer service

Marianela Gemín, House wife


Investigation and development

An adequate budget forecast in Research and Development allows us to continue improving the quality of our products day by day, through a permanent task of innovation and staff training, according to national and international standards